Kitchen & Bath

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Kitchen and bath updates consistently offer the highest percentage return on your remodel investment (80 to 100%)  more than any other area in the the home. Working with Hardcastle Company Builders ensures you will be informed of the modern design trends and latest technology available.


Your kitchen and bathrooms are two of the busiest and important places in your home.  The kitchen is usually the area families gather to spend a lot of time, so you want it to be warm and visually appealing, as well as functional.  Modern designs call for larger and more open spaces with the focal point being a notable kitchen island that invites people to gather around it. We can help you create a custom kitchen design based on your family’s needs within your budget.

Creating a new bathroom can often times present space and functional challenges. However, with the right colors, cabinets, sinks, bathtubs and showers our professional team can help you meld form and function to create your ideal bathroom space.

Floors: Getting the floor right helps get the space right.

The textural feel, color and design will affect how the room is perceived as a whole. For the kitchen, stone or tile are an elegant yet durable choice. In the bathroom having that stone or tile heated is an especially modern and luxurious option.

Countertops: Its all about material selection.

Well designed countertops compliment your cabinetry, floor and paint color(s). You are not limited to one color or design and can create visual appeal by combining more than one texture on adjacent surfaces. It pays to select materials that are easily repairable and can withstand years of heavy use without needing extensive upkeep.

Lighting: A Key Design Element

Proper lighting is stunning, every time its on. It sets the tone for your space and  is also key in making your kitchen or bathroom inviting, yet functional. Hardcastle designers can help determine proper window placement and help select just the right lighting fixtures from the vast array available. Imagine bringing your kitchen or bath to life with the best blend of fixtures and natural lighting.