Home Additions

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Expanding your living space with an addition can be a very effective way to enhance the style of your home and provide more comfortable living space for your family.

There are two basic types of additions: vertical (known as “popping the top”) or horizontal, adding to the existing ground floor. No matter what you choose, extra care must be taken to blend the new construction with the current floor plan. Plumbing and electrical systems must be carefully incorporated to assure seamless integration with your existing utilities and should be performed by licensed technicians.

Go up or out? So many factors go into that decision. And some big risks.

Your lot size, existing building footprint, and construction of your home are all important factors in determining the best approach for a sizable remodeling project. Here’s where experience really counts. Making the right aesthetic and functional decision will seamlessly integrate the new living space with the rest of your home. If not done properly, awkward spaces and rooms may leave you disappointed and frustrated.

Hardcastle Company Builders has the experience and expertise to complete the necessary foundation adjustments for this type of construction project.

We only sub-contract specialized work like plumbing or electrical to the most qualified contractors. We will monitor their progress and work-quality, to keep them on schedule and under budget.

Since you will most likely be living in your home while the construction is in progress, we strive to maintain a clean, safe, working environment to minimize the impact on your daily life.