Custom Homes

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Your home is your greatest investment. If it’s time to remodel your current house into your dream home, or build it from the ground up, using a contractor with the best set of skills is your best option.


Working with Hardcastle Company Builders allows you to design and construct your dream home to your exact specifications using modern design trends, the latest technology and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Building a new home or remodeling your current house begins with careful planning and determining a budget to complete the work.  Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of your goals and needs. We will help you design the entire project  and provide a preliminary cost estimate.

As your construction management team we take responsibility for creating a schedule, coordinating the work done by subcontractors, and maintaining communication between all parties involved. We take pride in adhering closely to the project schedule and monitoring the budget to look for cost saving alternatives that will not compromise quality and are in line with your objectives.

Our fervent attention to detail and ability to find proactive solutions to unexpected challenges or surprises, ensures your project gets done right the first time, on time.

Budget: it’s important to FIRST plan around a budget.

Know what your budget is and have a good relationship with a lender. Be realistic about the kind of house you want to build within your budget. Our team works with you to thoroughly understand the project objectives. We will help you develop an initial plan using budget projections and present a variety of  options to achieve that plan. Our experience helps us look at all aspects of  the project, ask the right questions and uncover any potential the pitfalls before they happen. This helps you focus on making design and financial decisions without worrying about any surprises after the project has begun.

Permits: don’t get caught in the “Permit Trap”.

Before you can begin building or remodeling it is critical to to check with the appropriate city officials regarding what permits you will need. Don’t be fooled by contractors who say, “Well a permit really isn’t necessary for this project.” We will  walk you through all of the various approvals and permitting required for your job.Failure to properly permit your project can lead to multiple problems down the road.


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You will want to research any potential future rezoning plans for your land and ensure there are no easements, or building restrictions. Be sure to determine if there are mineral rights, or oil and gas leases associated with your property. Access to essential utilities is often overlooked when planning a completely new construction project, and can potentially be very expensive while causing long delays.

Some cities have very strict zoning laws and regulations with regard to building codes. We can help you avoid these pitfalls, and assist you in determining what your city’s construction regulations regarding zoning laws and building codes are before you start your remodeling project.